Kateslocker is delighted to start featuring a collection of watches by The Horse, an Australian company that specialises in making leather goods and accessories for both men and women.

Their team of designers have come up with a wide range of high quality watches that will appeal to fashion conscious people seeking classical or modern designs.

Whatever collection you to choose to purchase from will depend on your taste and the occasion. The Horse has been growing in popularity to the point that it is now a well established brand.

The company started out when one of the owners was having a coffee with his friend and they noticed someone walking past in leather shoes but no socks.

At that point it dawned on him how leather, if designed in the right way, can enhance appearance against natural skin.

The Horse has developed a brand that is well known to fashion bloggers and is much loved by those who are lucky enough to own one of their products.

Those that own a bag or watch designed by The Horse will have found out high quality fashion accessories can come at a reasonable price.

A landmark moment for The Horse came in 2013 when they put out their Classic watch collection - which was an instant success. They have now expanded their watch range to include the Original, Stone and D- Series.

The intelligent husband and wife team at The Horse have a modest philosophy of "buying once, and buying well”.

However, we think that once you have purchaseed one watch, you may want one for your friends or family - or, if you are feeling indulgent - another  for yourself! 

The Horse Classic Collections

The Horse-The Original Collection


The Horse-D- Series Collection 


 The Horse-The Classic Collection  


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